Black Ink is a small Kralove pirate operating in the Eaux Tièdes region. Little is known about his past, but he seems knowledgeable about piracy despite only coming into possession of a ship recently at the time of his adventures in Tangomango and Wakfu season 2.

Despite his ambition to become a pirate, Black Ink is far from daring in most occasions. He will get involved in a conflict if it can't be helped, but he is otherwise very cautious and picks his fights carefully. He also experiences a great deal of self doubt in the second issue of Tangomango, regarding his chances as a pirate, his decisions as a father and his ability to properly raise Elaine, his adoptive human daughter.

Regardless of their wildly different races, Black Ink proves that he cares deeply about the girl in numerous occasions, displaying severe distress when she is kidnapped in the animated series and putting his life on the line to save her from a Vovodoun in Tangomango: La gazette du pirate.

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