Bakara Jurgen is a young but talented Huppermage first introduced in the movie Dofus Book I: Julith (although she can also be seen as a child in DOFUS: Julith & Jahash 1 as a secondary character). She is described as serious and disciplined, but shy behind a confident facade.


In the movie "Dofus: Livre 1: Julith" Bakara is grown and revealed to have completed her magical training.

Her graduation is interrupted when Julith shows up to retake the Ebony Dofus, still cracked from her previous battle with Bakara's brother. Bakara tries in vain to stop Julith and goes to warn Kerubim.

After Julith kills Kerubim, Bakara joins her nephew, Joris, to find the Ivory Dofus and stop Julith once and for all. Throughout their travels, Bakara demonstrates a stoic persona except to the children at first, but becomes more emotionally disturbed as the movie progress. This emotinal instability culminates when Bakara finally gets ahold of the Dofus. Bakara's bottled up anger over what happened to Jahash gets the better of her and she loses control of herself, killing Atcham in the process. It is only after Julith reveals the truth that Bakara finally believes Julith was changed from evil to good by her brother.

Throughout the movie, Bakara is constantly harassed by Khan Karkass, whom becomes infatuated with her upon first sight. Despite her harsh treatmemt of him, she is physically attracted to Khan as demonstrated by her blatant arousal when Khan flexes or exhibits strenuous physical activities. Khan almosts gets a date out of her, but gets a cancellation the next day as Bakara thinks it over (this could be interpreted as karma for Khan lying to Marcine about letting him on his team).

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