Amalia Sheran Sharm is a Princess of the Sadida Kingdom and a member of the Brotherhood of the Tofu. Little is known of her background prior to her adventuring days, however she claims to have been spurred into action through a prophetic dream sent by Sadida himself (though whether or not this is true or just an excuse to run off following an argument with her brother Armand is never confirmed).

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Amalia in the beginning of the series is a very sheltered, somewhat spoiled child. She has recently left her home kingdom after a dispute with her brother, claiming a prophetic dream from Sadida had called her to distant lands. Her bodyguard Evangelyne clearly seeing that this was a rather fortuitous vision, as it provided her an excuse to be away from her sibling. She and her bodyguard meet the bounty hunter Ruel Stroud outside of Emelka village, offering his services as a guide, though they decline and camp outside the city instead. The following day, they were ambushed in the forest by polter spirits sent forth by the great tree Soft Oak in vengeance for his being attacked by Nox (which he mistakenly blamed on the Emelkans). Though her bodyguard did her best to protect her, Amalia was ultimately saved from a polter's cursed touch by a small boy in a blue hat. This was Yugo, companion to Ruel and Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove. A short meeting after driving the polters off revealed that Yugo was currently trying to find a way to reverse a curse placed on his father by the polters when they attacked his village. Deciding that this boy was the reason Sadida had called her to this region, Amalia joined Yugo and his friends, while Evangelyne followed to protect her (MUCH to the delight of Percedal, who was instantly smitten with her). It was Amalia's resemblance to a companion of Soft Oak's as well as her powerful bond to nature that finally saved Emelka, since she was able to talk the great spirit down and soothe his pain from his wounds. After returning to the village and being attacked by Nox directly, Amalia and Eva decided to join forces with Yugo's group on their quest to find Oma Island.

From enjoying a rough and tumble Gobbowl match in Bonta, to sailing the open seas, Amalia was finally being given the opportunity to enjoy a life of adventure and freedom that she only knew from stories passed around at court. The princess also served as the liberator of a secluded tribe of wild Sadida and even earned the friendship of their god, Moon, a divinely powered monkey wielding a totem pole spawning hammer! As the group finally reached Oma Isle and learned something more of Yugo's ancestry (as well as meeting his dragon brother Adamai), they were attacked again by Nox, who had remained in hot pursuit during their travels. The ancient black dragon Grougalorogran warned Amalia that she would need to warn and rally her people as the future queen of Sadida. Nox's next target was sure to be the Tree of Life, the largest single source of Wakfu on the planet and the source of her people's life and magic.

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