Although his choice of attire would seem to mark him as a cook, the Enutrof Alibert is rarely seen working the inn's kitchen, and the well-known dishes are made by Yugo. Even though he can prepare elaborate feasts, the one thing he specifically, humorously, can't bake is bread. Alibert was a bounty hunter in his youth, but his soft heart often caused him to let his bounties go. Eventually he gave it up to settle down in Emelka, where he became mayor and opened the Crunchy Gobball inn. On the day he left bounty hunting behind: he was given a baby named Yugo by the dragon Grougaloragran and raised him like his son, protecting him until he discovered his powers. Alibert is very loving and kind, but when danger threatens his family and town, he doesn't hesitate to take up his shovel and fight.





Ruel Stroud

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