Aerafal is one the 6 primardial dragons and is one of the most powerful dragon in the universe.


Aerafal is the one of the 4 sons of Spirita the first elemental dragon. Aerafal is elemental dragon of air and the creater of the emerald dofus. His also one the dragons that fought Yugo and Dally when they attacked Ogrest in the Wakfu OVA. After Ogrest was stopped and Ogrest chaos ended Orgest returned the Dofus for him to protect.


His the dragon of air and seems to look like a bird. His mostly green with a white feather head and yellow claws. He has the head of a eagle or falcon with a beak. He has a long neck sharp claws and a long tail.


As a dragon Aerafal is extremely powerful and might be equal to the Gods as he could hold his own against Dally who had the power of the Iop God (the most powerful God) .

  • Speed: Aerafal is extremely fast maybe fast then all of his dragon brothers.
  • Air manipulation: Aerafal is able to control air and shoot it like swords to slice things up and destroy mountains.
  • Immortally: Aerafal is a dragon and dragons are immortal, his even a dofus owner meaning if his killed he just gets reincarnated and reborn.
  • Space resistens: When Yugo teleported mount zinit to space the dragons weren't effected by pressure and lack of oxygen and they survived re-entry of the atmosphere.

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