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Adamai in his human form.

Adamai is Yugo's twin brother from the same Dofus (same egg). They were separated at birth, so he grew up on Oma Island with Grougaloragran, who protected him and trained him to use his Wakfu. Adamai has the ability to shape-shift into various things, like a Crackler, Kralove, Scaraleaf, Human, and Tofu.


Although he often calls Yugo his little brother, he is often notably shorter than his Eliatrope twin. Adamai is a humanoid dragon with a short snout and two thick, wood-like horns. Along with these, Adamai has a single, rhinoceros-like horn just above his black eyes and below his horns. His dragon body is white, with no sign of any scales, and his belly area is blue. Adamai's claws are midnight black.


Adamai, like his brother, is very fun-loving and responsible. However, he seems to have a higher dosage of responsibility half, and is more hot-tempered than Yugo. He cares more about the best long-term solution than what the immediate situation calls for on the surface, and is incredibly stubborn with his opinion and values.

Wakfu (animated series)

Season 1



Yugo is Adamai's Eliatrope brother. Born from the same Dofus and separated at birth, Adamai and Yugo share a strong, brotherly bond. However, Yugo seems to leave Adamai behind on adventures rather often. In the three-episode OVA to the series involving the conflict with Ogrest, Adamai confronts his brother about his methods and decision making skills. This leads to a rift in their relationship and Adamai leaving the Brotherhood of the Tofu.

Brotherhood of the Tofu

He is one of the latest admitted members of the Brotherhood of the Tofu, having joined a few months after its formation when the brotherhood traveled to Oma island to find Grougaloragran and the rest of Yugo's family.



Adamai was raised by the dragon Grougaloragran on the isle of Oma where he taught him how to use his dragon powers and some of the history of their people.


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